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Big Lebowski sequel?

Is This Video Teasing a Big Lebowski sequel, or a Super-Bowl Commercial?

Evidence It’s an Ad: Obviously it’s an ad. The Super Bowl isn’t where you premiere movie trailers, it’s where you premiere Swiffer innovations. Plus, Bridges has capitalized on his Dude-ness before. Squarespace did that thing where Jeff Bridges would talk in a chill manner at you until you fell asleep.

So What’s It an Ad For: Squarespace again? They do love pulling stunts. But if someone really wanted to tie their brand to The Big Lebowski, it should be OxyClean. Piss on a carpet that really ties the room together? It’s no problem with OxyClean. At OxyClean, we believe in NOTHING (staining your garments).

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By Bethy Squires