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Crazy Business opportunity in Ireland

This Spring/Summer, there is a business opportunity for you in a relatively new, but already very
popular activity in Ireland.

Do you like parties, events and festivals?
Do you want to take part in them as a main attraction?
Do you want to earn money at the same time?
If you answer these questions “YES” then CrazyBalls will be right for you.


What’s for Sale?
10 balls, used but in good condition (1.4M transparent TPU ball)

Extras that you get with the balls
– All the equipment and information you need to run YOUR NEW business
– Know-how and all the forms to fill out
– Visibility vests to differentiate teams
– 2 pumps for inflating and deflating balls
– A football for CrazyBalls football!
– Free advertisement on our Website

– Quick return – current rate is €250/game. With the right advertising and marketing it’s
easy to achieve two games a week.
– No premises needed so no rent
– All the equipment fits in the boot of a car, so easy to store, easy to transport
– Adventure, fun and laughter
– Bookings are usually made well in advance so it’s easy to plan around

– Insurance is currently difficult to get in Ireland, but is also not obligatory.
Festivals require insurance, but private parties, bachelor parties, garden parties, team building party, corporate event, family days, and birthdays do not, and this is a very popular activities for all of these.

So why do I want to sell?
I have a new project that I’m working on, and as well as work I don’t have the time or energy
to give CrazyBalls the attention it deserves. I also need to release some capital for my new project.
While I will keep the company name and website, we have customers who keep coming back for
more and we are happy to forward them to you.

And the Money.
The price for all the above mentioned is €3,500


We have a very special offer for you, all in the name of good fun…
The company has a special bike, a CRAZYBIKE, also known as the unrideable bike, and if you can cycle
it 10 metres in three attempts without putting your feet down, We will knock €1,000, yes €1,000 off
the price, and I’ll give you the bike as well to use how you see fit! No questions asked.

The buyer will also receive 2019 Diary, perfect for keeping all your orders, party dates and events.

This is a great opportunity for anyone in Ireland or Northern Ireland looking for a lucrative venture
to invest in. It would be a great new business to bring
with you.

If you have any more question do not hesitate to contact me by email at or by
phone 086 36 40 419.

John Papdi
CrazyBalls and CrazyParty