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Hot-air balloon rides in Hungary

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Near Budapest, the Lake Velence area is one of the most ideal place for taking off and having the ride. The atmospheric conditions are good there; no matter where the balloon flies, there is always a proper landing site.

We should also mention the sight of the beautiful landscape with the fascinating lake.

(It is not permitted to fly over Budapest unfortunately.)

The balloons that we own are for four – six and seven people. This means three – five, or six passengers and one pilot per balloon. If there is a bigger group, we will bring more balloons.
A ride takes usually 40 to 70 minutes but the whole process is much longer (approximately 4 to 5 hours). Preparations in themselves are quite exciting, not to mention the special ceremony at the end.

Good to know:

Take a jacket with you, wear jeans or some kind of trousers. A baseball cap is a good idea. These things coming handy because, the burners, especially when heating the air in the balloon, can be a bit too hot so these clothes can protect your downy hair from getting singed.

If you take gloves with you, you can help set up the balloon… this is an adventure itself. Some food and drink is also a good idea. Maybe wearing boots is better because the grass is dewy in the morning.


There is no upper age limit but the passenger has to be able to stand for an hour and to grasp the basket with average strength when landing since sometimes it might be rough. The lower age limit is 10 and 140 cm height.

There is a car that follows the balloon, the purpose of which is to find it after landing as soon as possible. At that point in time our helpers – as the name suggests – help wrapping the balloon and they take all the parts and the passengers back to the starting point.

Ballon ride during winter time too. Only strong winds and rain or snow make it impossible to fly, but there are often clear, nice days during the winter, too.



Booking time: 3-4 weeks before by e-mail.

We recommend: This adventures is a dangerous, extreme amusement, that can be only practiced on your own responsibility! Please purchase an extreme sport insurance!

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