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Hungarian rowing team triumphing in Florida

The World Rowing Championship has begun on 23 September in Sarasota-Bradenton, 2017 Florida. The competition ended on 1 October. Two Hungarian contenders, Béla Simon and Adrián Juhász represented the country in the finals of the 2-person steering kayaks, according to

Simon Béla, Juhász Adrián

The duo of Simon and Juhász won a gold medal on Friday in the 2-person steering kayaks category in Florida. They were accompanied by Vanda Kolláth. Their success can be thanked to their incredible performance on the last couple of hundreds of meters.  It was not certain until the very end that they will win the race: they were struggling with the British and German teams at 1500 meters, while the Australian unit was far ahead of the others.  Then a miracle happened. The Hungarian team began to increase their speed at an extraordinary rate. They left the other two units behind at two hundred meters, then went for the leaders. The Australian team was running out of dash and slowing down. The rapid acceleration of the Hungarians made it possible for them to take the lead one hundred meters before the finish line. They just managed to beat the Australians with a slight advantage.It was an undeniably thrilling and close contest. Béla Simon stated that it was their dream to win the competition like this. The Hungarian team is sponsored by the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC). Simon and Juhász have won the European Championship last year. The duo ranked second behind the Germans in the previous round. This result made it possible for them to proceed into the top six and participate in the finals, which they have won in a thrilling race, as reported.


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Hungarian rowing team triumphing in Florida