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Ireland’s maddest and muddiest obstacle races for 2018

A mud-run essentially combines the best bits of childhood: stuck-in-the-mud and jungle gyms. Relive those precious moments with the top mud-filled races in Ireland this year.

From fitness fanatic, to family experience, right round to the average Joe, they all guarantee to leave you exhausted with a smile on your face.

Spartan Race

Punchestown Racecourse, May 27th

The ever-popular UK Spartan Race will be heading overseas for the first time, and no better place to start its trip abroad than our famous racecourse, Punchestown. Situated near Naas which, if you remember from your Junior Cert, is the ‘Meeting Place of Kings’- so expect an epic adventure here… Imagine the film ‘300’ but instead of Xerxes and his massive Persian army is a heck load of mud and testing obstacles. This 12km course will seriously test your strength, fitness and character- it is called a Spartan race after all. There is also a ‘Sprint’ (5km), so whatever your profession, on the day you’re a Spartan… “AROO! AROO! AROO!”

Spartan Obstacle
Spartan Obstacle

Hard as OAK

Faunvalley Londonderry, June 23rd

This claims to be Ireland’s hardest 10km challenge, and they have (muddy) grounds to say this. They have 50, yes 50 obstacles in that distance. We asked our resident mathematician who has given an average of an obstacle every 200 meters, so once you hit your stride be ready for another challenge to get in your way. There’s also a 5km for the teens and a 2km course for the kids. Rearrange the OAK and we have an A-OK time indeed!

Tough Mudder

Loughcrew, July 21/22nd

Tough Mudder aims to be different from the rest; they have no podiums, winners or clocks to race against. It’s not about how quickly you make it, it’s about making it through together. No matter who you are, everyone on the sign-up sheet is on the same team, which is a good thing seeing as they don’t shy away from their obstacles. This communal ethos goes beyond the race day and becomes part of something even bigger. This event has had 2.5 million participants around the world raising 10 million for charity; so it’s a worthy cause for a muddy course!

Tough Mudder Climb
Tough Mudder Climb

Turf Warrior

Connemara, November 3rd

At Turf Warrior, they’ve made the most out of the beautiful natural landscape they find themselves in. In the valley they send you through gorgeous gorges, hilly Connemara terrain and the Killary Fjord. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, not to worry, there is an option to avoid that. Not only is this is one of the most scenic of courses, it claims to provide the best tasting soup and bread you will ever have waiting for you at the finish line. To top it off they provide an after party, which has an exclusive guest list for all those who complete the challenge. They say on the website taxis are cheap, so clearly you’ll be in for a big night!

Reign of Terror

Kells, October 13th

Take a journey back in time and relive the medieval era, as this course winds through the historical village of Kells. It’s easy to imagine that the ‘Reign of Terror’ and the days of yore being quite similar; a lot of mud and impractical means of travel. This course also provides the most levels of difficulty; Mini Terrors, Legacy, Legendary, Supremacy and finally Relentless which involves continuous looping of the 10km circuit until the final wave of the day finishes… now that’s terrifying!

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