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Escape room – Escape from Titanic

Room price: € 60


April 14th, 1912. 11.40 p.m. The RMS Titanic, the world’s biggest ocean liner has left the port of Queenstown three days ago to cross the Atlantic Ocean in record time.

You and your team are members of Ireland’s most notorious gang, who have smuggled themselves aboard after hearing about a secret room from a loose-lipped sailor.


He revealed that this safe room contains the world’s most precious diamond, and enough gold for each member to start again in the New World.

The heart of the sea in one room.

While everyone is drunk and merry, you sneak past the guards and make your way to the secret chamber but suddenly, you hear a terrible noise.

The room starts to shake as you hear screams of “ICEBERG!”.

The Titanic is sinking!

Will you escape with the treasure or will you follow the ship to the bottom of the ocean?


Good luck!

We recommend: That can be only practiced on your own responsibility! Please purchase an insurance!